Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Buy Our Biodegradable Sequins; now available online!

We've Done It!

Our longstanding and loyal customer base will know that we have been punching sequins here at our London factory for generations. We are very proud of our 0% waste sequin production rates, the sequin hole creates chunky glitter and the film left around the punched sequins creates honeycomb mesh otherwise known as punchinella, but we knew we could do more.

So, we have been looking at ways to make the whole process more environmentally friendly too. For some time we have been focusing on the development of biodegradable sequins and working on many prototypes. The bio degradable sequins are made from a plant based film, which you can compost yourself with your usual household food items. We are now 100% happy with our sequin prototypes and are thrilled to announce that our first biodegradable sequins are now available to buy online!  


At the moment these sequins are primarily aimed at the crafting market, being a small star with no hole and a daisy shape. We advice gentle hand washing, but we are still developing the product as we go along, and we are hoping to be able to expand into machine washable films too. 
Next we are working on expanding the colours and styles available... so watch this space!


To view our first biodegradable sequins at our online shop, click here
Is sustainability important to you too? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day To Me, From Me

 I love these crystal diamant√© buttons so much! They are such good quality, eye catching and amazing value for money at only £1.85 each. I couldn't wait to get creative with them and make myself this cute diamante set for Valentine's Day.

To me, from me!
  • First I cut the hoops off the back of the buttons with plyers.
  • Glue the diamante hearts onto the earrings blanking plates and ring base.
    Ta Dah! Project complete in less than 5 minutes.

    Click here to see the diamante buttons in our online shop and click here to find the diamante craft glue. 
    Give it a try next time you have a spare 5 minutes!

    Thursday, 23 July 2020

    Customised Diamante Face Mask

    This week i had to take one of my children to an appointment where i had to wear a mask. Although I've been wearing masks regularly throughout the pandemic, this is the first time I've had to wear one in front of one of my boys. He's a little on the anxious side, so i thought if i customised my mask to make it look a little more friendly and fun, he would find it less frightening, and hopefully find the transition of me and others wearing face coverings less intimidating. 

    What says fun and friendly better than a sparkly smiling teddy bear face?
    I had a root around my craft box and opted for these small crystal AB diamante. They are a great choice for this project because you can attach all the stones around the darts and seams without compromising the integrity of the mask or your design. They are also fine to be hand washed at 30, as is the mask. The glue is also perfect, it drys fast and clear, but most importantly it has a little give and stretch in it, rather than drying like a hard rock.
    Make a simple template to draw around, so that your design is symmetrical on both sides.
    I chose these 3mm crystal AB diamante 
    Apply the diamante glue into your desired shape and place the diamante on top.
    Press down firmly as you go.
    Use diamante glue E6000
    Apply the diamante smile on both sides. 
    Add a line of diamante along the front centre seam to finish your design off!
    Smiling happy bear face, ready for family friendly  trip out!
    Products used:

    Friday, 3 April 2020

    Sequin Film Rainbow Project

    I'm sure you will have noticed lots of rainbows popping up in people's windows since the schools closed due to lockdown. The message behind this visual display is that "after every storm comes the sun and if you’re lucky a rainbow will emerge between the clouds". Rainbows are made up of seven different vibrant and beautiful colours and never fail to lift peoples spirits. Because of this, rainbows have long been symbols of hope and inclusiveness. The idea behind the 'rainbow windows' was that children could count the rainbows they see while they are out exercising, hoping to spot new ones each day. And as adults, we can appreciate the message behind this simple show of solidarity and hope. 

    Here is our rainbow window!
     So, when craft time came round again, rainbows were obviously the first thing to come to mind.
    Here is my sequin film rainbow decoration, inspired by the rainbow window message. It's a cutie!
    Follow the step-by-step guide below.

    1) Firstly, select some rainbow coloured rolls of sequin film. I used a selection of hologram, metallic and matte finishes.

    2) I drew around a small plate to create the first rainbow red layer. Then i used a compass to create the other rainbow layers, reducing each layer size by 1cm. As you can see, i sellotaped the red layer and the tape measure to the table to prevent it from sliding around. I simply stuck the layers on top of one another using double sided tape.

    3) Once all the different coloured layers are stuck together, i lifted the piece off the table and cut out the very last rainbow arch, snipping through every layer in the process.

    4) Next it's time to add the sequins (there's always sequins!). I used sequins from our extra sparkly hologram mixed shape pack JR02353

    5) String the sequins onto cotton. I opted for coordinating coloured thread. After a bit of trial and error, i found the fastest and easiest technique is to thread the cotton through the sequin hole from front to back 2 or 3 times to anchor it into place, suspending them at intervals along the cotton. I attached them to the reverse of the rainbow with tape.

    6) Next i added a glitter fabric cloud. I chose sparkly silver white JR09047 and simply stuck it to the front of the cloud with double sided tape.

    My son also enjoyed pilfering the supplies and he made some fancy dress headpieces. We are all super heros now after all! We are all in this together, even if that means we have to stay apart.

    Stay Safe.
    Happy Crafting from Nicola and Team JR

    Friday, 7 February 2020

    Bio Degradable Sequins


    As you all know, we manufacture our own sequins here at our London factory. For some time we have been focusing on ways of making our production process more sustainable. Although we have long been satisfied with our 0% waste production rates (the sequin hole creates chunky glitter and the film left around the punched sequins creates honeycomb/punchinella), we have been looking at ways to make the whole process more environmentally friendly too. So, we are so excited to be at the point where we can tell you guys that we have been working on a brand new range of plant based biodegradable sequins too! 

    The bio degradable sequins are made from a plant based plastic, which you can compost yourself with your usual household food items, or simply dispose of in your bin. These sequins are made from true biodegradable plastic, which will happily compost along side your cucumbers and carrot stumps! This range has been under development for a while, but we are now 100% happy with our sequin prototypes and are thrilled to announce that the biodegradable sequins are now in production! So watch this space, they will be for sale in a few months once we have stamped, photographed and catalogued them all!!

    Is sustainability important to you too? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thursday, 14 February 2019

    Spooky Cuties (wee ghostie brooches for under £5!)

    Hello, ghoulies and girlies!

    Halloween is coming and it's a perfect excuse to get crafting. Follow these simple ten steps to make yourself your own little ghostie to celebrate the turn of the season!

    Let's get started!


                • Ruler
                • Lighter
                • Scissors
                • Glue
                • White Grosgrain (16mm)
                • Coloured Double Sided Satin (7mm)
                • Googly eyes
                • Glue-on Diamante
                • Brooch pin

    STEP 1.

    • Snip your grosgrain into four pieces.
      • I went for 6cm pieces, but it depends on how big/small you want your brooch!
        • (don't worry about trailing ends, we'll get rid of them in a minute)

    STEP 2.

    • Cut a diagonal line across the bottom of your grosgrain, and seal ribbon with a lighter or other flame source.
      • I used a lighter because I like the wavy line is can produce, adding to my ghostie's spooky effect!

    STEP 3.

    • Glue your pieces together, overlapping each ribbon just before halfway.
      • You don't need lots of glue for this, just a little gem-tac does the trick.
        • Wait for the glue to dry!

    STEP 4.

    • Once the glue in dry, curve the top of your ghostie with your scissors, and seal it again with your lighter or other flame source.

    STEP 5.

    • Add your eyes!
      • I found this best to do over the joins, and then I added a tiny little bit of glue to the centre join about halfway down, just to keep it together.

    STEP 6.

    • Now for the little bow.
      • Cut about 10cm of your coloured ribbon (I went for purple!) and seal the ends.
      • The easiest way to do this bit is to cross the ribbon as shown above and glue together.
        • Wait for glue to dry.

    STEP 7.

    • Flip your ribbon over and, pinching the middle, twist it over.
      • Add a little glue over the back of your original join and stick it down.

    STEP 8.

    • Glue a diamant√© of your choice to the centre of your bow.
      • Or a button! Or any sort of decoration that you see fit.

    STEP 9.

    • Press the ribbon into the top left hand corner of your ghostie and wait for it to dry.

    STEP 10.

    • Finally, add your brooch pin to the back.
      • I've glued mine, but it's also possible to sew it on if you feel that's appropriate.
        • Alternatively, try hairbands or hairclips - the possibilities are endless!


    And there we have it!

    A quick wee ghostie brooch to put you in the mood for some Halloween crafting.

    Thanks for listening!

    If you have any questions, ideas, or creations of your own - feel free to send them to us at


    The Wonderful World of Ribbon

    Ribbons are an excellent way to introduce colour to a room or an item and Josy Rose has a fantastic range of ribbons suitable for all uses and all are available to order online.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected combinations of ribbons to create something really special. If you’re stuck for ideas read on and be inspired! Want to give your bedroom a new look? Why not trim plain white bed linen and curtains with blue and gingham ribbon for a fresh seaside or country look. Match them with a set of satin curtain tie backs in a wider width. Then, place a simple bow on the front of the tie back for a decoration.

    Why not channel your Scottish roots with the Dress Stewart woven edge tartan ribbon, approved by the Scottish Tartans Authority this ribbon comes in red, green, and white in 5mm to 60mm widths of woven polyester.

    The Grosgrain Polyester Collection is available in 6mm to 16mm widths and is ideal for dressing up towels with a grosgrain ribbon on their edge. You can also stitch the 6mm ribbon to patchwork quilts to hide the seam.

    The Metallic Collection has 4mm to 60mm widths. They include a lacy fully wired delicate web trim ribbon in a metallic finish. It is great for extravagant wrapping.

    The Satin Ribbon Collection comes in 3mm to 50mm widths. The ribbons are single sided and great for trimming fabrics.

    The Beaded Sequin Ribbon Collection comes in 13mm to 50mm widths. They include solid and lace bands with flowers, sequins and rhinestones. They are great for making wide cuff bracelets or head bands.

    The Sheer Ribbon Collection comes in 8mm to 63mm widths. The bronze organza ribbon features metallic gold stripes and is great for bow making.

    The luxurious Velvet Ribbon Collection is available in 9mm to 22mm widths. The ultra soft 100% nylon velvet ribbons add touches of glamour to an item. Use velvet ribbons to trim clothes and curtains or to make rolled rosette flowers.

    Josy Rose also has a special occasion ribbon section dedicated to ribbons that have been designed based on specific themes such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and Valentines. The ribbons come in 10mm to 40mm widths and are ideal for a variety of uses at those special times of the year.

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