Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Five Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Home

Last month we blogged about our surprise that Christmas was fast approaching, and this month we can’t believe we’re even closer! Ignoring the fact that we still feel that it was only yesterday we were wearing shorts in the warm weather, we need to get our act together and think about Christmas.

With just over a month to go until the big day, we’ve started to crack on with our Christmas craft ideas. Now, at JosyRose we understand you guys have a lot on your plate so we thought we would share our five Christmas craft ideas which you can do to decorate your home.

1.    Make a Christmas tree

At first we understand this maybe an odd idea, but it’s not as crazy as you think! Create your own tree decorations or use leftover ones to create a pin-up Christmas tree on you wall. Ideal for people with little space or for bedrooms.

2.    Make your own tree decorations

Making your own Christmas tree decorations is simple, fun, and you can even get your kids involved! You can make your own Christmas decorations out of anything, we like using our festive motifs and our trimmings to make little decorations.

3.    Homemade Christmas crackers

Making your own Christmas crackers is ideal for avoiding those cringe worthy jokes. You will need wrapping paper, sturdy card or an empty loo roll, and some trimmings. You can fill your crackers with little tiny gifts which your friends and family can share.

4.    Make a homemade garland

Have some leftover tinsel which is screaming to be used? We have the solution, why not make a homemade garland? Simply make little Christmas themed shapes using felt, this will require you to cut out two identical shapes, stitch your two identical shapes together leaving a gap at the top, stuff your shape up with cotton wool and stitch up the gap. When your shape is complete you can attach it to your tinsel using some trimming.

5.    Pine cone place cards

Now we admit there is not much creativity involved in this craft idea, but we couldn’t resist sharing this cute little idea. Whilst on your winter walk pick up some pine cones which have already opened up, spray them lightly using a fake snow spray, when they’re dry you can use them as place cards by writing the name of your guests on cards and inserting the card into the top of the pine cone.

So, there you go, five Christmas craft ideas for your home. If you are looking for more inspiration or looking for craft supplies, we have a large collection of buttons, sequins, ribbons, trimmings in our haberdashery craft shop.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Five Josyrose Christmas Products Which Should Be On Your Wish List

What! Where did summer go? Yes we’re asking ourselves the very same question here at JosyRose HQ, and to be honest we’re not too sure where it went either. However, what we can’t deny is the sudden excitement for Christmas! Being surrounded by glitter, sequins and of course fake snow, is it any wonder we’re counting down to the big day?

So if you’re like us and you’re planning ahead then you’re going to love this handy guide to the five JosyRose products which should be on your wish list for Christmas.

1.    Santa Snow Spray

Do we really need to say any more? Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without snow - fake or real. So, as we can’t promise real snow on the day we can promise you fake with this handy spray. Add highlights to the tops of your Christmas trees, wreaths, centre-pieces and windows.

2.    Felt

Classic craft felt is ideal for Christmas time, design or download templates from the internet to make personalised tree decorations or gifts.

3.    Christmas ribbon

Add a personal creative touch to your wrapped presents with our endless selection of Christmas ribbon. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative why not take an old table cover and breathe some new life into it by adding a Christmas trim to it.

4.    Christmas card

At JosyRose we believe that homemade or personalised cards are simply the best, which is why we have a plethora of different customisable Christmas cards. From metallic card to Christmas card packs, there is plenty to choose from.

5.    Festive Motifs

Why buy a Christmas jumper when you can create your own one from an old jumper you’ve got lying around. How you ask? Well it’s easy - We have a large collection of festive motifs which you can easily iron on to your clothing.

And there you have it, five JosyRose Christmas products which should be on your wish list. Now what are you waiting for, view our large collection of buttons, sequins and ribbons online at our haberdashery craft shop.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Getting stuck in!

Hi, we hope you’ve had a great month! We certainly have here at JosyRose, with some fantastic new products coming in to stock that we’ve had fun messing about with.

Stuck for ideas?

Leave your glue gun at home and try something new with the E6000 Spray Adhesive! There’s nothing quite like a multi-purpose, spray- on glue to use for all your crafting needs. As you can see from our video it’s fantastic at just about everything.

As a bonus there’s no funny smells, fumes, and it’s water resistant. You can use it on almost every material (that we can think of), and it dries in only a few minutes too. We think it’s ideal for most little craft jobs, most big ones as well!

In fact it’d be perfect for some of these crafty little ideas:

Glue your shoe

One simple mod that can make a lot of difference to your look is customising your plain old flip flops into something a bit more glamorous. Grab some jazzy ribbon and you can make even the plainest ‘flops look designer.

And with your new spray adhesive this is easier than ever, just spray on to the straps of your flip flops, hold the ribbon down for a minute or so - et voila! Where did your new shoes come from?

Turn anything in to a gem

Remember – this glue sticks to just about anything, so why not get creative? Add some stones to your mirror, your mobile phone case, or even a cute little box like this one to keep your trinkets in!

What else can you think of that you could make with these?

Crafty Cards

We always love making cards here at JosyRose, it’s a crafting classic. And now with the fantastic E6000 adhesive this is easier than ever. We think felt always looks great on cards!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Fever at JosyRose

It’s been an exciting month, full of amazing weather and pretty summer dresses. But we've got a bit excited over the Royal family too, so much so that us here at JosyRose have come down with Royal fever!

The Coronation Festival
For starters, the Coronation festival was a big hit! The festival showed off some of the very best and most innovative trade and craft companies over the four days, and guess what? We were there!

Well, not there in person, but our gorgeous gold and navy ribbons were on show thanks to partners Halcyon days. Over 3 million people tuned in to watch, did you spot us?

On the subject of royals, Robbie Williams (British pop royalty) also used our lovely ribbons at his concert at the end of last month, we feel honoured.

A new Prince
Now on to the big news, William and Kate’s beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to them both. All three of the happy family looked relaxed and healthy as they left the hospital yesterday.

Any ideas on a name yet? The hot favourite at the moment for the new prince is George, but a few other suggestions include James and Alexander. We’re not sure which one we’d pick.

We have ribbons for both a boy in blue and a girl in pink but now we won’t be needing the pink one! The lovely blue ribbon has “It’s a Boy!” text and a cute little pram drawing, perfect for any royal baby celebrations.

Congratulations to the winner of our goody bag competition on our Facebook page, who won a knitted a baby boy goody bag shaped like a bottle! ‘Like’ our page for more competitions and offers.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Five Craft Ideas Perfect For Summer

June is the month where summer officially starts, which means everyone at JosyRose can’t wait to get crafting outside whilst soaking up the glorious sun.

Whilst dreaming of long hot sunny days we have interrupted our day dreaming to come up with five craft ideas perfect for summer! So, get grabbing your sequins, buttons and diamanté’s because we’re going to show you how to get crafty this summer.

1.    Transform you plain old flip flops

Summer is the time of year when the flip flops come out, but this year why not do something different and style up your beach shoes with the aid of some JosyRose goodies. All you need for this flip flop makeover is some ribbon and a few gems. Firstly you need to take your ribbon and tie it around the straps, secure the ribbon with some craft glue. Once the ribbon is in place, the next step is to customise the ribbon, you can do this by adding a few self-adhesive diamanté’s, and that’s it you’re all done.

2.    Customise your summer tank tops

Every woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without the summer essential tank top, but if this year you fancy spicing up your old clothes then get reaching for our Hot Fix diamanté wand. Simply take your old tank top and customise them with glue on diamanté’s. Or, why not add some fringing to the bottom of your tank top to make the ultimate festival top. At JosyRose why not take a look at our festival trim which is exclusive to and designed by Josyrose, and is made in Italy.

3.    Create a summery necklace

Nothing is as cute as a personalised necklace, so why not make a custom designed necklace yourself this summer (they also make cute gifts). At JosyRose we have everything you need to make your own jewellery from the tools to the jewels. Opt for our handmade clay flowers for a super cute summery look.

4.    Turn your tote bag into a beach bag

Heading to the beach this summer? Make sure you’re beach ready with a gorgeous beach bag, perfect for holding all your summer essentials. All you need to do is take an old tote bag and glam it up with our range of summer Luvin motifs, chose from cute cocktail motifs to strawberries made from sequins.

5.    Turn your headbands from drab to fab

Got an old plain headband? Customise it and make it an essential summer accessory with our vintage inspired motifs, take our Polka &Pearl bow motif and attach it to your headband with some craft glue, so simple yet so effective.

If you're looking for the best choice when it comes to haberdashery, then JosyRose should have everything you need. Our haberdashery craft shop can inspire and help you to get your creative juices flowing, so take a look at our supplies and get creative.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Celebrities LOVE JosyRose

Last month was very exciting for us all here at JosyRose as we discovered that a collection of JosyRose diamantes had been used to create a stunning Tiara for the princess of bling Katie Price.

Created by regular customers of JosyRose, Glitters created this stunning bridal piece out of diamante heart shape buttons which can be seen throughout this design. Katie Price wore this super glamorous piece in a private wedding ceremony to Keiran Hayler last month.

If you fancy following in Katie Price’s footsteps and adding a bit of Diamanté shine to your fashion or craft piece, you can shop our full range of Diamanté’s online at JosyRose.

Gok Wan is another famous face who loves JosyRose. In his Channel 4 programme ‘Gok's Clothes RoadShow’ we watched with delight as Gok transformed some heels using our very own glitter fabric! Using some plain black chunky heels, he took a sheet of our glitter fabric and showed the nation how to transform your heels within a matter of minutes. You can views Gok’s step by step guide on the 4 Beauty website.

You can purchase the fabric material used by Gok at JosyRose, and with a fantastic range of 31 colours to choose from matching your wardrobe should be easy!

Stay in the know with who is loving JosyRose and what’s new in by ‘liking’ us on Facebook at JosyRose!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring Into Crafts This Season

Why wait for Mother Nature to shed some colour this season, instead why not spring into action and sew some colour into your craft projects.

At Josy Rose we don’t shy away from all things bright and beautiful which is why we have a fantastic range of spring goodies to get you in the mood for getting crafty this month.

If you’re looking for ‘craftspiration’ then look no further than our top five easy to do spring craft ideas.

1.    Button Curtain Tieback

Let the spring sunshine in with this cute and simple to do curtain tieback craft idea, all you need is a roll of narrow ribbon and a pack of different sized buttons. Firstly, thread a large button at one end of the ribbon, once in place you can then start to sew the rest of your buttons to the rest of the ribbon at random intervals. Once completed tack down the first large button to your wall and then thread the ribbon round your curtain. To tie back the curtain wrap the end of the ribbon round the tacked down button.

2.    Ribbon shoes

Transform last season’s ballet pumps the easy way in under ten minutes. All you need is two strips of ribbon and a glue gun, with each strip you need to tie them to form a bow. Once you’re happy with the way you’ve tied the ribbon take a hot glue gun and fix the ribbon to the front on your pumps.

3.    Flower power necklace

Spring wouldn’t be complete without some flower power accessories to spice up your outfit. To create a simple flower necklace all you need is a plain loop hole chain, rings and some of our Josy Rose Handmade clay beads. Thread the beads onto the rings and then attach to the loop hole chain.

4.    Fruity button embroidery

So simple to do yet so effective, this idea involves a needle and thread, embroidery floss, a fabric pen and a selection of buttons. Take the garment you want to embroider (we suggest something like a cardigan), with a fabric pen mark where you want to place the button (where going to create a cherry design), sew the buttons on where you created the mark as the buttons will create the berries. Once attached it’s time to create the stem, for this you will need to use some green embroidery floss to create a stem stitch, to create the leaves you will need to use a satin stitch.

5.    Spring Cards

No craft list would be complete without a mention on how to make this seasons cards. With father’s day on the horizon why not opt for a personalised card rather than buying from the shop. With a fantastic range of card available and ribbon, you can create the ultimate Father’s day card for as little as you would buy one from the shop.

We hope that these handy little tips have inspired you to create something amazing this spring time, visit us online today for all your haberdashery supplies.

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