Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ghoulishly Good Halloween Haberdashery

Halloween is the PERFECT time to have a go at getting creative. Whether you consider yourself a master of the art or you're just a bit rubbish at getting creative, Halloween is the holiday where it's better to D.I.Y than fork out a fortune for ghoulishly goods.

Who says your crafts have to be perfect? 

The best thing about Halloween crafting is that everything looks better when it's perfectly imperfect. Forget colouring in the lines and neat banners, this holiday is for the disheveled.

JosyRose Halloween crafts packages

So, if you're a little bit lost on where to start with your Halloween craft project at JosyRose we have a whole collection devoted to Halloween to inspire you. From specially created themed trim to face masks, we have it all.

Halloween is just around the corner so make sure you don't miss out!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spectacular Glitter Fabric At JosyRose

September is a little bit like being in limbo for us, we want to be planning our Christmas crafts but deep down we know it's a little bit too soon. So, that leaves us digging out our favourite craft supplies and seeing what we can make!

One of our must have products has to be our glitter fabric, if you need the sparkle factor then this glitter fabric is for you! Set on a woven cotton backing we stock a variety of different colours and finishes.

As featured on Gok's Clothes RoadShow, our spectacular range of glitter fabric can be used for so many different little craft projects, from customising your high heels to creating hair accessories.

If you want to give our glitter fabric a try but need a little bit of inspiration why not check out our JosyRose Pinterest account, we're constantly pining cool and creative craft ideas.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bridal Season With JosyRose

Bridal season is here! We can't help but get a teeny bit excited at this time of the year, we love to hear about your wedding crafts especially when we get to see your creative ideas.

We know it's a stressful time for everyone involved when it comes to a wedding but at JosyRose we have created a special wedding craft collection to give you a helping hand.

From favour making supplies to bridal trimmings, we have everything you can think of to make everything perfect.

Nothing is quite as special as something which is handmade with love, so if you're looking for that finishing touch for your wedding why not check out our wedding craft collection.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

JosyRose Pride Of Britain Sequins And Much More

We have a little fact for all our lovely customers!

Did you know that all of our sequins and sequin trims are manufactured right here in the UK by the hands of us and everyone who works at JosyRose HQ.

Manufacturing for the craft and haberdashery sector is now often done abroad but we want to stay local and use all of our years of knowledge to make the best sequins and trims.

We even fulfil bespoke sequin trim orders (depending on size), all you need to do is give us a call and we can do our best to help you out.

We’re much more than a so why not check out our selection of sequins and trims at JosyRose.

Monday, 1 June 2015

How To Make A Tiara With JosyRose

Prom season is nearly upon us in the UK as well as the summer wedding season which we all know is a very costly affair! As we’ve spoken before about wedding DIY tips we thought we would bring you something a little bit different, something you wouldn’t normally think you could do yourself!

Tiara making sounds like something you should leave to the professionals but surprisingly it’s very easy, especially if you have the right tools. At JosyRose we have a whole section dedicated to tiara making, including bands, beads, tools and wires.

Creating your own tiara means you have the freedom to make something unique but also gives you the chance to save a pretty penny. A tiara band costs as little as £1.55 from JosyRose so making your own won’t break the bank!

Perfect for bridal parties or those who want something extra special, shop the collection only at JosyRose.

Monday, 18 May 2015

May Craft Ideas With Josyrose

Spring into this season with new craft ideas, as well as supplying all the haberdashery and craft supplies you’ll ever need we’re also a dab hand at sharing our tips and tricks.

We want to make things as easy as possible for you which is why we have neat little sections across our website dedicated to specific crafts, this is so you can find what you need without any hassle.

From charms to wire, we’ve got everything you need to add to your collection, whether you’re making something for yourself or a friend we stock many styles that’ll be a hit with everyone!

Sounds a little bit tricky but you won’t believe how easy it is. From new claps to accessories to customise a much loved handbag, watch as your creation comes alive right in front of your eyes.

We all know that there’s nothing cheap when it comes to weddings but you’re going to save a pretty penny when you turn your time to DIY. We’ve got everything you need for your wedding, from favour bags to petals for table decorations.

Adding a bit of personalisation is the perfect way to make someone feel special. Create your own stamped cards, wrapping paper and crafts with our selection of quality stamps.

Whatever you need the JosyRose the Haberdashery & craft store is here to help with all your crafting needs.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Josyrose - Crafting Tips At The Drop Of A Pin

Hell April, we’re happy to throw our arms wide open to welcome the month which is probably the best for crafting! Nothing beats the Easter holidays when you can sit down on your own or with your kiddies and family and do a little bit of crafting.

As you know we have tons of ideas on our blog but if you’re anything like us you’re always looking for the latest craft ideas to sink your teeth in. Our Easter craft collection is a great place to help you get your materials together but to help you out with getting your creative juices flowing we now have launched a Pinterest account.

Simply search for JosyRose on Pinterest and you can check out all the craft ideas that have got our hearts racing. From Fashion DIY to wedding decoration craft ideas, we’ve pinned it all.

So what are you waiting for? Get a mug of your favourite tea and browse our board for inspiration.

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