Sunday, 19 February 2017

It's A Gem! Follow Our Guide On How To Make This Semi Precious Stone Layer Bracelet

Read on to see how to create our chic bracelet using semi-precious stones and sparkly 

diamanté encrusted beads.

Make the Beaded Layers: 

1: Measure cord so it fits your wrist comfortably, allowing for an extra 10cm. Cut three lengths and tie a knot at one end of each piece. Add a crimp bead, then thread the cord through a 3-bar spacer.
2: Push another crimp onto the cord. Add the first set of beads, then finish the row with a diamanté. Double check the amount of beads used against the size of your wrist as you work. Repeat three times. 

3: When the stringing is complete, thread the remainder of the cord back through the first crimp bead, the corresponding hole on the spacer bar, then the second crimp. To secure the beads in place, squash the crimps flat using pliers. Untie, then snip off excess cord.

Make the Bracelet Charms: 

4: To create the feature charm, assemble a small length of chain using three jump rings. Thread a selection of pearl and diamanté beads onto 1” head pins. Trim away 1cm above the beads. Using pliers, bend the wire into a loop. Secure onto the chain at different heights, from smallest to largest to create a cluster effect. 

5: Finish with a mother-of-pearl heart button, securing a pendant mount through the bottom hole using pliers. Attach to the last jump ring on the chain. Add a mother-of pearl pendant mount, then hang from the bottom hole of the 3-bar spacer.

Top Tip:

Don’t be put off by the many types of  findings, look at how shop bought jewellery is constructed and use it as a guide!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Valentine's Craft: Cute As A Button Wired Haberdashery Hearts

These Haberdashery filled hearts are really effective and very easy to make. They can be used as a door/wall/window hanging, or you could make a smaller version to hang on a Valentine's Day card.

Tie the embellished wire into a circle.
Manipulate the embellished circle into a heart shape.
Tip: Although the heart is embellished with lots of different beads and buttons, we have opted to use similar, complimentary coloured items, to give the piece a feeling of unity.


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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Valentine's Day Craft Supplies with

We HEART haberdashery!

It's true, and you can find your true (craft) love with too!
With just under one month until the big day, we have everything you need to craft something special for that someone special!

Why Not Treat Yourself? a new look, a new hobby, a new wardrobe? 
Be inspired by our Lucky Dip Habby Bags bursting with sparkling surprises & tactile treats!


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Make Handmade Christmas Decorations from Sparkly Scraps

Would you like to make these simple Christmas decorations using craft box scraps? 
Here's how it's done: 

I made them both following the same principles.
Firstly, make a cone shape using sequin film
Thread a section of wire through the cone opening, leaving enough length on either side to manipulate into a hanging loop at the top and fashion into fairy legs or a tree trunk at the bottom.
Attach fringing to the inside of the wide cone opening. Double sided tape works great on sequin film. Now for the fun decorating bit!

For the fairy i over layered the cone with some sequin waste punchinella which created a cute pattern for the fairy dress. I made her a sparkly pair of shoes and matching cloak made from glitter fabric, topped with little paper hands holding a heart shaped acrylic stone. Using sequin film again, i cut out some fairy wings opting for the ethereal 'Oriental' transparent film with a subtle AB finish. Then decorated them with sequins and used a paper punch to cut out a delicate wing pattern. For the face i snipped the top off the cone and replaced it with a smaller flesh coloured card cone. Here i used small sequins cut in half for the eyes and tiny ones for cheeks and lips.  I glued it all together using a glue gun and then topped her of with a main of damson and lilac feathers!
This fairy is ready to party; i love her skinny wire legs and sparkle shoes captured mid prance!

For the tree i decorated the cone with snowflake sequins gluing the centre in place and bending the tips to make them 3D. Then i glued on some glitter fabric circles, sequins and a bow. I finished the wire with a glitter fabric plant pot at the bottom and threaded a star shaped bead through the top. 

Both decorations are super cheap to make and can be embellished with any sparkles you have in your craft box. Get creative and enjoy yourself!

Here are a few snaps of them on my tree... 

Merry Christmas from Team JR!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Handmade Christmas Card & Tag Ideas Using Ribbon & Craft Left Overs

As any enthusiastic crafter knows, we can't throw anything away and our craft stash is practically bursting at the seams!  If anybody knows about being buried alive in buttons, bling, bits and bobs all tied in a pretty bow its us! Well, here we are sharing some ideas to help you use up your ribbon scraps, check out these cute Christmas cards crafted by the JosyRose team. We simply rifled through (some) of our scraps and off cuts, separating them into bundles of festive complimentary colours. With our red and green pile of ribbons, cards, bows, trims and stray buttons we made these, we hope you like them.

First we made this super simple, yet effective, Christmas tree ribbon card:

Christmas Tree Ribbon Card
  • Simply cut some card into a large triangle. Fold it in half again and let it fall open. 
  • Now cut and tape your chosen ribbon off cuts horizontally across the opening. 
  • Overlay another piece of card on the outside (we chose to use a contrasting colour to the inside), and sandwich the raw edges of your ribbons etc neatly underneath.
  • Finish off with any spare buttons, sequins or bows to 'decorate' the ribbons branches.

Here we created this simple bauble shaped card which would also make a very fancy festive tag too! 

Christmas Bauble Tag
  • Simply draw around a cup or small plate, depending on the size of your scrap card, leaving a small wide oblong on top to attach them together. 
  • Cut it out twice, using the first piece as a template for the second piece.
  • Horizontally attach some ribbons to the front using double sided tape.
  • To make the hanging loop, sandwich a piece of ribbon between both pieces of card and glue the card together at the oblong point.

The combinations and creativity is endless. Just have fun!
Merry Christmas x

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas Card Inspiration Using Glitter Fabric Die Cut Applique

Cute Christmas Cards Featuring Glitter Fabric Applique, Die Cut by Team JR!

We've had some fun getting creative with our Christmas themed die cut applique, made from our ever glamorous and popular glitter fabric. Designed and manufactured by JosyRose in our London factory. 

Each pack of glittery festive die-cuts includes: gift, reindeer, bauble, snowman, stocking and Santa. Every set contains both the positive and negative silhouette shapes - totalling 12 die cuts to use on Christmas cards, decorations and gift-wrap for only 25p each! 

Gift Shaped Glitter Die Cut
Snowman Shaped Glitter Die Cut

Loving all things sparkly, we couldn't stop there! So we embellished the silhouettes with ribbons, sequins, diamante, buttons, wire and beads to make some festive Christmas cards. 
What do you think?

What will you make? 
Please do share your Christmas crafty creations with us, we would love to see!

Visit or follow this link to check out these gorgeous glitter applique:

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