Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sweet Dreams Eye Mask

Step 1: Cut Out Felt Pieces
  • baby blue felt – mask shape x2 
  • light grey felt – cloud shape x1
  • white felt  – smaller cloud shape x1
  • light grey felt – oval face shape x1
  • white felt  – smaller oval face shape x1
Step 2: Make the Clouds Sleepy Face
  • Draw two small ‘U’ shaped eyes & a larger ‘U’ shaped mouth onto the white felt face.
  • Thread black embroidery thread onto a wide eyed needle.
  • Beginning from the top right hand corner start stitching the right hand eye using a running stitch technique.
  • Once you have got to the top left of the right eye, turn back and fill in the running stitch gaps until you are back at the top right. You will now have a sold ‘U’ shaped sleepy eye.
  • Now work your way back around to create the eyelashes.
  • Repeat the step above for the opposite eye.
  • Now, create a solid running stitch smile.

  • Sandwich the white and grey face together using a light blue embroidery thread in an open running stitch around the edge.
  • Glue a white marabou feather to the reverse.

Step 3: Make the Cloud

  • Sandwich the white and grey cloud shaped felt pieces together using a light blue embroidery thread open running stitch.
  • When you get to the bottom three curves of the cloud, insert the clear tear drop fringing, in sections of three and tack in place by continuing the open running stitch around the edge.

  • Select a colour-coordinated button and sew onto two circular layers of felt in increasing sizes and stitch into one of the clouds curves.
  • Repeat twice for the other two cloud curves.

Step 4: The Mask
  • Line up the blue mask pieces on top of each other with a thin piece of wadding in the middle.
  • Starting from the top middle, blanket stitch around the edge with a white embroidery thread.
  • Once you get to the sides, sandwich the polka dot satin ribbon between the templates and tack in place using a running stitch. Once you have stitched the width of the ribbon, continue blanket stitching around the edge of the mask 

Step 5: Finishing Off

  • Tack the centre of the cloud onto the mask. Glue the face onto to hide the tack stitch.
  • Finish off by hot-fixing a few clear crystal diamant√© onto the cloud for extra sparkle and add two rose pink diamant√© to the face for the rosy cheeks.

Products Used:

Pk 20 Marabout Feathers - White
Polka Dot Satin Ribbon - Cornflower 25mm
Embroidery Thread Skein - Black
Embroidery Thread Skein - Lt. Silver Grey
Embroidery Thread Skein - White
Tear Drop Fringing. 39mm - Clear
Pk 10 Fish Eyes Buttons. 11mm – Baby Blue
Filigree button. 18mm - White
Daisy button. 15mm - Natural MOP
Craft Felt Sheet. 9”x12” - White
Craft Felt Sheet. 9”x12” – Baby Blue
Craft Felt Sheet. 9”x12” – Silver Grey
50 Diamante. Hot fix. Size 4mm/ss16 - Rose
50 Diamante. Hot fix. Size 5mm/ss20 - Crystal
Kandi kane hot fix wand.

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