Thursday, 21 March 2013

Button Craft Ideas for Easter with Josy Rose

So far the year has flown by as we are now well into March, which means it’s the time of year to over indulge in chocolate and to also get cracking (see what we did there) on Easter craft projects.

At Josy Rose we can’t get enough of button crafts which is why this month we want to show you how to incorporate buttons in to your crafty designs this Easter.

Picture Perfect

Looking for an inexpensive craft idea? No problem as we have the solution, all you need is some craft glue, a mixed button bag, a Josy Rose Easter motif, card, and an empty picture frame.  The idea is to create a piece of framed art by gluing the buttons on the card to form an Easter egg shape. Once your art work has dried, place it in the frame and finish off the design by gluing one of our Easter motifs on one of the corner frames.

Design a Card

Easter celebrations wouldn’t be complete without sending a loved one an Easter card but rather than buying one, why not create something unique? We have a large collection of card to choose from, to transform your card simply use buttons to create your design.

Some examples include:

•    Use small buttons to write ‘Happy Easter’
•    Create a love heart out of buttons
•    Frame the card using a selection of buttons

Who needs flowers?

Want to create something which will last the test of time? Then why not create a button bouquet, all you need is some florist wire, some buttons and a bouquet holder. This process requires you take your buttons and thread them on to the wire, be sure to take a suitable length of wire (the size you want the stalk to be), thread the button and fold the wire and twist so the button forms a flower head at the top. Keep repeating this process until you have many flower heads, once finished insert the wired stalks into the bouquet holder and there you go, you should have a beautiful bouquet of buttons. To finish the look wrap the bouquet stalk in ribbon to cover the plastic handle.

The Easter holidays is a time when you can sit down with the family and have some fun, so why not reach for the craft supplies with Josy Rose and let the good times roll!

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