Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Getting stuck in!

Hi, we hope you’ve had a great month! We certainly have here at JosyRose, with some fantastic new products coming in to stock that we’ve had fun messing about with.

Stuck for ideas?

Leave your glue gun at home and try something new with the E6000 Spray Adhesive! There’s nothing quite like a multi-purpose, spray- on glue to use for all your crafting needs. As you can see from our video it’s fantastic at just about everything.

As a bonus there’s no funny smells, fumes, and it’s water resistant. You can use it on almost every material (that we can think of), and it dries in only a few minutes too. We think it’s ideal for most little craft jobs, most big ones as well!

In fact it’d be perfect for some of these crafty little ideas:

Glue your shoe

One simple mod that can make a lot of difference to your look is customising your plain old flip flops into something a bit more glamorous. Grab some jazzy ribbon and you can make even the plainest ‘flops look designer.

And with your new spray adhesive this is easier than ever, just spray on to the straps of your flip flops, hold the ribbon down for a minute or so - et voila! Where did your new shoes come from?

Turn anything in to a gem

Remember – this glue sticks to just about anything, so why not get creative? Add some stones to your mirror, your mobile phone case, or even a cute little box like this one to keep your trinkets in!

What else can you think of that you could make with these?

Crafty Cards

We always love making cards here at JosyRose, it’s a crafting classic. And now with the fantastic E6000 adhesive this is easier than ever. We think felt always looks great on cards!

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