Sunday, 13 November 2016

Craft Cheats Beautiful Beaded Napkin Rings

  1. Choose one of the colour combinations from our beautiful collection of pre-beaded wires. These cheap & cheerful pre-beaded wires can be used as bag handles, curtain tiebacks, jewellery… the choice is yours!
  2. Choose any ribbon that is approximately 7mm wide. Cut ribbon to approx 30cm
  1. Bend the wire twice round into a circle so that the end loops are in line with each other with one small matte gold bead in-between
  2. Using a pair of round nosed pliers, slightly open the end loops out enough to easily thread through your ribbon of choice
  3. Thread the ribbon upwards through the bottom loop over the back of the matt gold bead. Then bring the ribbon down over the front & twist back around the reverse of the bead & then up again through the top loop
  4. Bring the ends of the ribbon together at the front of your napkin ring & tie into a decorative bow. Snip the ends of the ribbon to tidy up any fraying
Tip: I have teamed together complimentary ribbons to match the colour of the beads. You could try using contrasting colours for a whole different effect. Red ribbon on green beaded napkin rings would look fab on the Xmas table!

Products Used

Jr01812 Peach & Topaz Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01813 Grey & Topaz Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01814 Olive Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01813 AmethystBeaded Wire £1.90 each

Jr03857 Blackberry Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03863 Moonlight Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03845 Cypress Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03824 Sable SatinRibbon. 7mm 0.21 per metre

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