Tuesday, 8 January 2013

5 Top Button Craft Ideas For You To Try!

Button crafts are taking the crafting world by storm, a quick Google around and you will find countless Pinterest accounts, blogs and ‘How to guides’ dedicated to buttons.

At Josy Rose we are huge fans of button crafts. Why you ask? Crafting with buttons is easy, inexpensive and is the quickest way to create or transform something dull to something bright, attractive and fun. That’s not all, we believe it’s great to encourage little ones to get into crafts from an early age, and that’s why getting crafty with buttons is great for children when accompanied by an adult.

Below we have listed 5 top button craft ideas to help get you started!

1.    Update your wardrobe
Have you been wearing the same coat for the past couple of years? Want to update your favourite dress? Looking for a cute t-shirt design for your little one? Using buttons to update your wardrobe is the easiest and inexpensive form of crafts! Sew some new buttons on to your coat, add some funky buttons to your dress and come up with a button design for a t-shirt for your child.  It is that easy!

2.    Jewellery

You can find button jewellery everywhere now on the high-street, but why buy it when you can make it for a fraction of the price. All you need is a plain loop hole chain, rings and some buttons. If you’re a bit apprehensive why not try taking a simple hair grip and add a button to the top of the grip, it takes five minutes and all you need is a grip, a button and glue.

3.    Home Art

Button wall art is fast becoming a trend in the crafting world. With a pack of buttons, a frame and some creative imagination you can create a unique piece of wall art, perfect for displaying in your child’s bedroom.

4.    Holiday Decorations

Buttons are great for using over the holiday period. Transform a plain holiday wreath by adding red and gold buttons and a big bow.  Or if you’re not fantastic at carving out a pumpkin at Halloween, why not form a ghoulish character out of buttons. This idea is simple yet fun for all the family!

5.    Card Design

An easy way to create a unique card design is by using buttons, simply sketch out a design (for example a love heart) and fill that design with various styles of buttons. Another option is to use buttons as lettering to display a personalised message, simple yet thoughtful.

We hope that these tips have inspired you to start crafting. At Josy Rose we have an extensive range of buttons online from Diamanté to shell, plastic to metal or singular buttons to packs.

Make your own with Josy Rose, visit us online today for all your haberdashery supplies.

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