Thursday, 14 February 2019

Spooky Cuties (wee ghostie brooches for under £5!)

Hello, ghoulies and girlies!

Halloween is coming and it's a perfect excuse to get crafting. Follow these simple ten steps to make yourself your own little ghostie to celebrate the turn of the season!

Let's get started!


              • Ruler
              • Lighter
              • Scissors
              • Glue
              • White Grosgrain (16mm)
              • Coloured Double Sided Satin (7mm)
              • Googly eyes
              • Glue-on Diamante
              • Brooch pin


  • Snip your grosgrain into four pieces.
    • I went for 6cm pieces, but it depends on how big/small you want your brooch!
      • (don't worry about trailing ends, we'll get rid of them in a minute)


  • Cut a diagonal line across the bottom of your grosgrain, and seal ribbon with a lighter or other flame source.
    • I used a lighter because I like the wavy line is can produce, adding to my ghostie's spooky effect!


  • Glue your pieces together, overlapping each ribbon just before halfway.
    • You don't need lots of glue for this, just a little gem-tac does the trick.
      • Wait for the glue to dry!


  • Once the glue in dry, curve the top of your ghostie with your scissors, and seal it again with your lighter or other flame source.


  • Add your eyes!
    • I found this best to do over the joins, and then I added a tiny little bit of glue to the centre join about halfway down, just to keep it together.


  • Now for the little bow.
    • Cut about 10cm of your coloured ribbon (I went for purple!) and seal the ends.
    • The easiest way to do this bit is to cross the ribbon as shown above and glue together.
      • Wait for glue to dry.


  • Flip your ribbon over and, pinching the middle, twist it over.
    • Add a little glue over the back of your original join and stick it down.


  • Glue a diamant√© of your choice to the centre of your bow.
    • Or a button! Or any sort of decoration that you see fit.


  • Press the ribbon into the top left hand corner of your ghostie and wait for it to dry.

STEP 10.

  • Finally, add your brooch pin to the back.
    • I've glued mine, but it's also possible to sew it on if you feel that's appropriate.
      • Alternatively, try hairbands or hairclips - the possibilities are endless!


And there we have it!

A quick wee ghostie brooch to put you in the mood for some Halloween crafting.

Thanks for listening!

If you have any questions, ideas, or creations of your own - feel free to send them to us at


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