Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fabulous fashion brooches at JosyRose

Here at JosyRose we have a spectacular collection of super versatile fashion brooches. Brooches are a great way to make a boring outfit stand out from the crowd and look unique. They also add a touch of style to any bag, headband or shoes!

We have four styles of  brooch, these are:

  • Bead and Sequin brooches
  • Flower Corsage brooches
  • Feather brooches
  • Vintage brooches

From the bead and sequin brooch collection, there is the stunning JosyRose Bead Butterfly brooch, which is limited edition and available in a choice of two colours, pale green or pale mauve, this accessory is perfect for all occasions, £4.49 per one piece.

The Sequined Rose Brooch from the flower corsage collection, is another limited edition piece available in gold, metallic silver and glossy black, this brooch will give any accessory an additional sparkle, £3.06 per piece.

The Carnival Feather brooch comes in a choice of three colour ways, Pacific and Lime, Hot Pink and Melon and Pastel Pink and Caramel. The vibrant spray of flamboyant feathers from the feather brooch collection will really add the wow factor to a simple outfit. Available at JosyRose for £3.99 per piece.

Make your everyday accessories look vintage, with the large woolly flower brooch from the vintage brooch collection. This brooch instantly adds classical glamour, here at JosyRose for £1.55 per piece and it comes in the option of seven colours, vintage cream, soft pastels, soft lavender, fruity, leafy greens, mocha and black.

View the whole range of JosyRose fashion brooches here.

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