Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Five Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Home

Last month we blogged about our surprise that Christmas was fast approaching, and this month we can’t believe we’re even closer! Ignoring the fact that we still feel that it was only yesterday we were wearing shorts in the warm weather, we need to get our act together and think about Christmas.

With just over a month to go until the big day, we’ve started to crack on with our Christmas craft ideas. Now, at JosyRose we understand you guys have a lot on your plate so we thought we would share our five Christmas craft ideas which you can do to decorate your home.

1.    Make a Christmas tree

At first we understand this maybe an odd idea, but it’s not as crazy as you think! Create your own tree decorations or use leftover ones to create a pin-up Christmas tree on you wall. Ideal for people with little space or for bedrooms.

2.    Make your own tree decorations

Making your own Christmas tree decorations is simple, fun, and you can even get your kids involved! You can make your own Christmas decorations out of anything, we like using our festive motifs and our trimmings to make little decorations.

3.    Homemade Christmas crackers

Making your own Christmas crackers is ideal for avoiding those cringe worthy jokes. You will need wrapping paper, sturdy card or an empty loo roll, and some trimmings. You can fill your crackers with little tiny gifts which your friends and family can share.

4.    Make a homemade garland

Have some leftover tinsel which is screaming to be used? We have the solution, why not make a homemade garland? Simply make little Christmas themed shapes using felt, this will require you to cut out two identical shapes, stitch your two identical shapes together leaving a gap at the top, stuff your shape up with cotton wool and stitch up the gap. When your shape is complete you can attach it to your tinsel using some trimming.

5.    Pine cone place cards

Now we admit there is not much creativity involved in this craft idea, but we couldn’t resist sharing this cute little idea. Whilst on your winter walk pick up some pine cones which have already opened up, spray them lightly using a fake snow spray, when they’re dry you can use them as place cards by writing the name of your guests on cards and inserting the card into the top of the pine cone.

So, there you go, five Christmas craft ideas for your home. If you are looking for more inspiration or looking for craft supplies, we have a large collection of buttons, sequins, ribbons, trimmings in our haberdashery craft shop.

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