Thursday, 5 June 2014

Summer Craft Ideas – DIY Funky Sunglasses

Summer is on the horizon which means it’s time to unleash that summer wardrobe! We don’t know what it is but we can’t help but getting all creative when the sun is out, so we think we’ve found the perfect DIY tutorial tip to make your summer that little bit more funky.

Fashionably funky sunglasses are all over the catwalk and the high street, but who wants to pay £15+ for some accessorised glasses when you can have fun doing them yourself for a cheaper price!

All you need to do this tutorial is:
A pair of cheap sunglasses
Glue (we recommend Craft Quick Hold Adhesive)
Craft accessories to cover your glasses in, e.g buttons, studs, and sequins.

1. Firstly, place the glasses you wish to style on a piece of old newspaper or a cover to ensure you don’t get glue on any of your surfaces.

2. Arrange your craft accessories in order of how you’re going to apply them to your glasses.

3. Take your glue and apply it to the part of your glasses where you want to attach your craft piece. Either with your fingers or craft tweezers attach your craft piece on top of the glue, make sure the piece is fully dry before you add another.

There are loads of different ways to accessorise your sunglasses. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Acrylic stones or Diamantes for a sparkling design
Go for a rock chic look with studs, whether they be heart shaped or square.
Add different shaped sequins for a snazzy design

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