Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The JosyRose range of glue

For all your sticky needs, buy online from JosyRose today, here we have a fantastic range of adhesives suitable for various activities.

A popular choice among our customers is Gem-Tac, this multi-purpose glue dries clear and is perfect for bonding gems, sequins, glitter and diamante's to a range of fabrics. Hand washable this adhesive is only £6.23 per 4 fl oz bottle.

Our Craft Foam Glue is non toxic and safe and easy to use, not only does this glue bond foam sheets together, it also works wonders on foam to wood, paper, cardboard, plastic and much more. The glue dries in around 15-30 minutes and works wonders, JosyRose price only £1.29 per bottle.

Tacky glue is also a favourite, and inexpensive at only £2.85 per bottle. Ideal for use on common surfaces such as paper, cardboard, felt and fabric. This white non-toxic glue is perfect for craft, hobby and household projects.

The Sparkle Stiffen Stuff, is a fabric spray which comes in both silver and gold, it is great to stiffen fabrics, ribbon bows, felt , lace and much more! With the help of the sparkling stiffen stuff you can add glamour and glitter to all your fabric projects. Only £3.99 per bottle!

Here at JosyRose we also have the Liquid Thread Glue, brilliant alternative to sewing this glue is also called 'a sewing machine in a bottle'. Reliable and saves time the liquid thread glue is suitable for hems, appliques, lace, trimmings, fabrics and denim.

Dont forget the JosyRose 'Sparkle' Glitter Glue Pens; the pack of six includes pink, yellow, crystal, blue, lime and orange, for only £4.49. These glitter pens are so easy to use and we can guarantee no clogs, runs or paper wrinkles! Just lots of glitter, these pens add ultimate sparkle to your projects.

View our complete collection of glues at JosyRose today!

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