Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Make A Fashion Statement With Studs!

This season, fashion studs have been featured all over the catwalk, these designs have now been incorporated into the high street shops. Following upcoming trends can prove to be quite costly especially if you want to purchase a few key pieces.

The alternative solution is to utilise what you have inside your wardrobe and to turn to crafts. Sometimes approaching fashion craft projects can be daunting, you don’t want to ruin what you’re customising, and you don’t want to spend too much creating something you could have easily brought cheaper in store.

At Josy Rose we have a massive range of claw backed studs available in all shapes, sizes and colours at very affordable prices. All you need to start your own fashion craft project is a pair of craft pliers (£4.99), a seam ripper (£1.90), and the stud(s) you wish to use. Depending on what you are customising you may also need some strong glue and/or a needle and thread.

Customising pieces of clothing with studs is possibly one of the easiest projects you can do. On many materials such as cotton and denim you can create your own design by pushing clawed back studs through your clothing and folding the claws so your stud is firmly attached.

Fashion accessories such as bags and shoes can also be studded easily. With the use of a seam ripper you can unpick the lining of a bag so you can insert studs on the outside and fold down the claws in the inside. With a needle and thread you can sew up the lining to hide the back of the studs, it’s that easy. Shoes can be customised similarly to clothing, with clawed back studs you can pierce them through the shoe fabric (if it’s thin enough) to create edgy styled shoes.

The most common studs used on clothing and accessories are mini rounded edge studs, vintage star studs, and square pyramid claw studs, all costing just £2.45 per 10 grams. For inspiration and tutorials on how to create your own stud designs visit our YouTube channel- TheJosyRoseChannel.

Studs are simple to use and very effective, to view our full collection of studs visit our website JosyRose!

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