Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fabulous Feathers Here At JosyRose

Choosing to wear feathers is a great idea. Many occasions call for them. They help make a statement for the event, whether it's a birthday party, anniversary, gathering or costume ball. Wearing feathers is exciting and they make a fashion statement that many won't forget!

There are many fabulous colours and styles to suit a wide range of tastes. Here at JosyRose, the choices are endless, exciting and unique. From colour choices such as red, yelloe, pink, burgundy, black and many more.

From feather fringes to decorate those boring cushions to individual plumes that could spice up an old hat, feathers can be used for a variety of things! Whether guinea, forest or goose feather fringe, the choice is up for the wearer. In addition, the prices are perfect! Starting at around £4.49 per 1 metre roll, these feathered friends are more than affordable and can accessorize almost any outfit.

The plumes come in a wide range of different sprays like the Diamante feather spray, the Fuchsia ostrich feather and the damson marabout. These feathers come individually priced starting at £0.35, or in units or packs starting at £11.48.

Since feathers are natural products, all packages are unique. Notice the colouring, the spacing and the netting of each individual plume. They are soft and conform to whatever material they are set upon.

So go online at JosyRose today and shop for the popular plumes. Receive the most popular feather combinations ever and start dazzling!

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